Saturday, January 10, 2015

December and January Favourites

These are my beauty favourites that I've been using through out the month of December (non-stop) and so far they are my favourites for the new year as well. Hope you enjoy, x S.

To prep my winter-dry skin I've been using my nearly finished ( :´(  ) Avéne - skin recovery cream. As soon as I'm out, which will be any day now, I'll buy a new tube of Avéne because it has truly saved my skin these cold few months. If you don't have very dry skin but want a dose of occasional hydration and baby soft skin - you can use it as an over-night cream, which I do sometimes as well. 

For an even skin tone and clear complexion I use the Lumene CC cream in Medium. It feels like nothing on the skin and it wears really well through out the day, giving a semi matte but still healthy-glowy looking complexion. It works really well with minimizing the pores and cancelling out the redness in the skin so I've not been needing any extra concealing, which is a big plus!

To give my skin that glow from within look I use the much raved and talked about Hourglass palette. I absolutely love that palette and I soo wished I would have bought the blush palette when I was in London with the girls! If you can get it, get it.. you won't regret it!

Sooo when I was out buying Christmas presents.... I found these, such a bargain! rollerball perfumes. They would make a great gift to someone (else than yourself- note to self) and to be honest I get bored of my perfumes too often to commit to another 100 ml one. Taylor Swift's new perfume smells like... fresh vanilla in the spring with a hint of musky (hot) man on your arm... that's what it smells like to me anyway.. 

Now, the Juicy Couture rollerball perfume comes with two perfumes (winning!) I got the origional Viva la juicy and the gold edition of it. They both are very similar and I've had a hard time sniffing and telling them a part but two small differences are, for me, that the gold edition lasts a little longer on the skin and has a slight hint of vanilla in the mix compared to the all fruity origional. They both smell like fresh fruit in a basket. Very flirty and fun and settles to a fresh yet feminine and sweet layer. And on another note, I can't stand perfumes that are too sweet, I'm mainly more of a citrusy-musk-vanilla-amber person, so I'm kind of surprised that I actually like the Juicy C perfumes. Totally worth a sniff or two!

Moving on to hair, - I'm a curly girl aka. haaaloo frizzy dry winter fluff. Brushing it is generally a big no-no during the winter season. But I've found that putting some of the Lernberger Stafsing's BB cream through the hair and then brushing it helps with the frizz. It also gives amazing looking luminous locks when I'm doing a blow-dry.

The Frankie Daily Journal is my every-day companion and so far I've managed to organize my life a bit better, getting in control! This year I hope to get some more use of my polaroid camera and I have to get a pen that does not smudge when you write on the picture-frame!

 Aaaaaah how I love this little player! The sound might not be the best but it makes all the difference when you plug it in to an extra set of speakers! Right now I'm working my way through my mom and dad's collection of vinyl and so far Kim Carnes is my fav! Loving the whole vibe of this LP and the cover is just spot on!

One thing that makes starting a new year so much more fun is the sales, they are everywhere! After killing two pairs of boots before ending the last year I was on a bootie hunt starting this year! The brown boots were so timeless and very much an everyday essential that they were too good to pass on with 50% off. What I love with them as well was that they go a little bit higher up on the wrist cancelling out the awkward pant-shoe gap. So while the sneaker wedge is very much passé I loved how these looked on, and to be honest- who doesn't want to wear sneakers and gain an inch or two, while not killing your feet? It didn't hurt that they were 70% off as well, which to me made them into a bargain! I've already worn them so that is why they are a tiny bit dirty but non the less kind to your feet and toes, great quality and I think I will get a ton of wear out of these!


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