Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Hair like Ella + Tutorial

While listening to this song, which I love (anything by Ella!) I stumbled across this tutorial of how to get Ella's defined curly-fro look. I had more defined curls in my mid-end teens and I've seen a huge difference in the quality in both my hair in general and my curls post coloring and highlights (I know, bad bad bad). Another bad habit is that I touch my hair, combing it through, with or without a comb, which makes it into a huge ball of frizz or the opposite- greasilicious (it's a thin line to cross) so this tutorial might come in handy if you have that same problem. Putting the hair away might be a good thing for minimizing the frizz- out of sight out of mind ;) Recently I've also had a habit of doing blow dries, which I like the look of but ones a curly girl always a curly girl... and I think that straight or overly "fixed" hair always looks a bit off on me. Regardless, can't wait to try this tutorial on my hair! x S.

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