Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fruity loops - 100% fruit

Yesterday till today I've been making Fruity loops or fruit leather as they are more commonly called. They are soo simple to make that I had to share the process with you guys! perfect to stack and keep in your bag when you're on the run (from the law?) and need a quick pick me up or snack. These are made with 100 % fruit sans sugar and other additaments.

Set your oven on its lowest setting, mine is 50 C, door should be slightly open to let the moisture out when you are drying your fruity loops.

1. Pick your fruit. I made mine with one pineapple, two mangos and a squeeze of lemon juice which filled 2 sheets. My second batch which I'm still waiting for to dry is 50/50 strawberry and raspberries + a squeeze of lemon juice (could be left out depending how and if you want them to be a bit sour).

2. Mix the fruit into a purée in a blender.

3. Spread the purée on a baking sheet as evenly as possible (don't forget to spray or put some coconut oil on it before so that the purée don't stick to it. Pour and spread approximately 3.5 dl of the purée on each sheet.

4. Leave in the oven for 5-8 hours (mine "only" needed 5). The purée should be somewhat dry and non sticky to the touch when it's done.

My Fruity loops are for the kids at school where I'm working this week so they will probably be all munged up and finished by the end of today. But these would look so delicious in multiple colors, kept in a maison jar in the kitchen or to bring as a snack on a trip, options are endless! x S.

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