Tuesday, April 07, 2015

In and outside the studio

I have not mentioned my jewelry making for a while now but I've been posting some pictures over on Instagram of my latest pieces. I've gotten some lovely complements from colleges and friends on my zodiac and pearl necklaces, which I'm so greatful for! I'm the worst at taking complements though, I kind of become a mess, haha have to work on that! I love that people like what I'm making, it just touches my heart every time making me go into a minor shock, weird? it takes some getting used to. My mom is my biggest fan though, sporting my jewelry every day, layering them, haha she's just the cutest and most lovable mother I could have ever wished for! These past few weeks that gone by have made me feel so fortunate to be able to do what I truly love, that I've found IT, exploring, dreaming, discovering what I CAN DO and what I wish to achieve.

A part from making jewelry, working and studying I've been planning to update you on some other changes... In the beginning of this year I cleansed my makeup and overall product collection. Everything from my toothpaste, bodylotion to my facial day cream is now of a more natural option and sans any nasty and unnecessary chemicals. But more about that journey in another post. Hope you all have had a lovely Easter and weekend! Lots of love, S.

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