Friday, April 17, 2015

Prada Retro / Cinema Sunglasses

It's been such a lovely sunny day today until like one hour ago when the sky decided to piss down hail but when in Sweden in April one should not be surprized. Enough about the weather though and onto what was in my Prada box - Prada Retro / Cinema Sunnies!! While checking these out on the web I found two names for them, Retro and Cinema. But according to the photos I've found they suggest that there are two versions, the Cinema with thinner frames and with a slightly more oversize look to them and the Retro which is what I got - perfection! I think that they are the perfect combination of Timeless and chic with an edge. And they fit my very round head! Love love love them! x S.

I bought mine from Zalando & they are just back in stock! :)
Product nr: P2451E009-O11

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