Sunday, May 03, 2015

Bringing out my inner farmer

Love Love love the new hammock in the garden it's so relaxing and overall calming to simply lay there listening to the wind and the birds. While doing that the strawberries and wild strawberries are coming back to life, winning! 
My mom makes the best rhubarb pie, can't wait to plant rhubarb in the garden!

Spring is in full swing, sun is shining, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and my hands are dirty with soil as they should be. I've been running on such a farming kick recently, wanting to cultivate EVERYTHING that can grow. The avocados I tried to grow in January apparently was not as excited as I was, so that relationship cracked after a month and a half, so right now I've moved on to mango & so far so good. Along with the single mango I've planted I'm also trying to grow carrots, squash, cherry- and farmer's tomatoes. Fingers crossed that my DIY mini greenhouses will work! Such a great way to recycle old takeaway or food containers, give it a go! x S.

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