Monday, May 25, 2015

Strawberry beds in the garden

 The new mother plant for this year and it's huge!
 Last year's Wild Strawberries not to be mixed with the other strawberries because they will dominate & take over. They are tasty though...
My mom's delicious Oatmeal brownie.... it's what dreams are made of.. no kidding it's literally THAT yum! 
 This is the place where we are going to put up the beds, plowed and ready!
... & the first bed is up! 

This weekend has been dedicated to creativity and productivity. Today was spent out in the garden making a bed for all the strawberry plants that we have accumulated over the past 2 years.  Dad and I only got time to make one bed but the mission is to make 3-4 more for other plants and veggies. Things like these make me so excited, can't wait to get started with the others. Now let's only hope the rabbits aren't high jumbers or deep diggers.  x S.

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